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About Mitch Padilla

J. Mitchell Padilla

Former Assistant Attorney General of Arizona

Mitch Padilla knows that being charged with a criminal offense is stressful event to go through. Many people feel shocked, angry, embarrassed or scared. Friends and family members may look at you differently. Employers and neighbors may even turn their back on you.

As bad as being charged with a crime is, it is nowhere near as life-altering as being convicted. Regardless of whether you are facing a felony or a misdemeanor, it is vital that you take the charges seriously and seek out legal representation as soon as possible so you can start building your defense.

Education and Experience

Directly out of high school Mr. Padilla joined the US Navy, where he proudly served his country for 22 years. During that time, he attended and graduated with a BS in Business Administration from Chapman University in Orange, CA. Shortly after leaving the US Navy, Mr. Padilla earned his MBA while working as a communications manager for Pacific Telephone / AT&T. He later attended Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego, CA where he earned his Juris Doctor degree. Mr. Padilla continued to set his sights high and became an attorney with the Office of the Attorney General in Arizona. After serving as a Unit Chief Counsel for nearly 12 years, he opened his own private practice in Prescott, AZ where he continues to practice as an ethical, professional and dedicated criminal defense attorney.

  • Chapman University – BS in Business Administration Degree
  • University of San Diego – Master of Business Administration Degree
  • Thomas Jefferson School of Law – Juris Doctor Degree

How Can Mitch Padilla Help Me?

Some people think they don’t need a lawyer to help them with their criminal defense, especially if it is just a petty offense that does not come with the threat of jail time. But without professional legal counsel, your chances at successfully defending yourself drop dramatically.

While there are petty offenses that may only carry a small fine and some mandatory community service, a conviction for a criminal offense can still be life-altering in other ways. It is hard enough these days to land the job you want or qualify for a loan without having to deal with the extra challenges that a criminal record brings.

“I went into law because I feel everyone deserves to be treated fairly & justly by our constitution.” – J. Mitchell Padilla

Let Mitch Padilla help. Maybe law enforcement officials made an error that violates your rights. Maybe there’s unknown evidence supporting the fact that you didn’t commit a crime. Or maybe the opposite is true and there is just not enough evidence for the prosecution to prove you actually committed a crime. Whatever your situation is, Mitch will explore every legal option to try to get your charges reduced or dropped all together.

Don’t Wait to Get Help!

Mr. Padilla knows what a big decision it is to choose the right attorney who is going to represent you in your legal matters and that’s why he offers a Free Consultation. This initial meeting is a way for you to get to know Mr. Padilla, understand how he works and decide if he is the right attorney for you. Time is of the essence when dealing with criminal charges and other important legal matters, so we encourage you to schedule your Free Consultation as soon as possible.

“Be proactive, not reactive.”

– Mitch Padilla

Located just steps away from the Prescott Courthouse!

102 E Union St
Prescott, AZ 86303

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Law Office of J. Mitchell Padilla

Law Office of J. Mitchell Padilla
102 Union St, Prescott, AZ 86303, USA

Committed to Crafting the Best Defense Possible

When faced with a complex law matter, it is extremely important to retain the immediate representation of a trusted attorney. Due to the serious nature of your case, we advise you against navigating through the legal system alone. We know how to achieve your goals and would be proud to offer you the unmatched level of exceptional legal representation that you deserve. We are fully equipped to provide you with the zealous, compassionate, and dedicated legal representation that you need.


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