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Felony Charges

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Aggressive Felony Defense For Serious Criminal Charges

Misdemeanors and felonies are the two major categories of criminal offenses in Arizona. Misdemeanors generally include less serious crimes, but are still punishable by up to 6 months in jail and may include significant fines.

Felonies, on the other hand, are handled much more seriously, punishable by a minimum of one year of prison and the lifelong classification of being a convicted felon. As a convicted felon, you may have trouble securing jobs and housing in the future. In addition, your felony conviction can carry a variety of other negative consequences, including driver’s license revocation and the inability to vote or receive government aid.

Needless to say, a felony charge is serious business with tough penalties and potentially crippling long-term consequences. If you are facing a felony charge in Arizona, you’ll need the most aggressive criminal defense strategy possible.

Aggressive Felony Defense Attorney

Mitch Padilla defends clients facing felony charges in Prescott, AZ and surrounding courts. Mr. Padilla has the skills and dedication necessary to fight against even the most serious felony charges. With Mitch Padilla in your corner, you will have an aggressive criminal defense attorney committed to providing you with the best defense possible.

Knowledgeable Felony Defense Attorney

A felony defense lawyer can provide you with the preparation you need, from gathering evidence to developing a sound strategy to bring to court. There are many strategies that may lessen your sentence or help convince the court or jury of your innocence, such as demonstrating that the state doesn’t have sufficient evidence to prove you committed the crime you’ve been charged with. Knowledge of these strategies are essential to ensure the best possible outcome for your case.

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When faced with a complex legal matter, it is extremely important to retain the immediate representation of an experienced attorney. Due to the serious nature of your case, we advise you against navigating through the legal system alone. We know how to achieve your goals and would be proud to offer you the exceptional legal representation that you deserve.

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Former Assistant Attorney General

Mr.Padilla represented the State of Arizona for almost 12 years as an Assistant Attorney General. During that time, he looked out for the safety of children and the welfare of families across Northern Arizona. Mr.Padilla promises to bring that same passion and commitment to you as your attorney.

US Navy Veteran

Mitch also served our nation with pride for 22 years and retired as a Chief Petty Officer of the US Navy. Mitch knows what it means to be committed to the protection of our nation.

"Please let me know if you are a Veteran, I would like to thank you for your service." - Mitch Padilla

Experienced Legal Career

  • Management at Pacific Telephone.
  • Pro bono Hearing Examiner & Immigration Attorney 6 years.
  • Northern Arizona Assistant Attorney General for 12 Years.
  • That's 19+ Years of Legal Experience On Your Side!


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Relationships and respect. Read what our wonderful clients and awesome associates have to say about us.

J. Mitchell Padilla is a qualified, competent, knowledgeable, and effective attorney who I highly recommend to anyone looking for satisfactory legal representation.  He is a genuine, down-to-earth individual who listens to and assesses the needs of others.  I wholeheartedly recommend Mitch to those looking for an experienced and caring attorney.

Mukai, Fellow Attorney

Very friendly and efficient office. They know the law and are very competent at resolving their clients issues in a short amount of time.

Janette Lee, Satisified Client

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Law Office of J. Mitchell Padilla

Law Office of J. Mitchell Padilla
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Committed to Crafting the Best Defense Possible

When faced with a complex law matter, it is extremely important to retain the immediate representation of a trusted attorney. Due to the serious nature of your case, we advise you against navigating through the legal system alone. We know how to achieve your goals and would be proud to offer you the unmatched level of exceptional legal representation that you deserve. We are fully equipped to provide you with the zealous, compassionate, and dedicated legal representation that you need.


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