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Traffic Tickets

Prescott Traffic Ticket Attorney


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Traffic Tickets Should Not Be Taken Lightly

A traffic violation can have disastrous consequences for both local commuters and professional truck drivers, from increasing auto insurance rates to driver’s license suspensions and paying hefty court fines which can put a strain on your finances.

Talk to an Attorney Before Paying Any Traffic Ticket

Just because you sign a traffic ticket that doesn’t mean you should pay for something you disagree with! When someone simply pays a traffic ticket, they’re agreeing that they’re guilty of the violation. This violation doesn’t only go on your driving record, but it will count as points against your license and likely raise your insurance premium.

So instead of pulling out your checkbook, pick up the phone and call the Law Office or J. Mitchell Padilla to find out how he can help you!

Traffic Violations We Defend:

  • Criminal Speeding Tickets
  • Civil Speeding Tickets
  • Hit and Run Tickets
  • Driving on a Suspended License Ticket
  • Temporary Visitor Drviers License (TVDL) Infractions

How Can We Help?

Whether you are an Arizona resident or from out of state just driving through Arizona when you’re stopped by the police, Mitch Padilla can often appear in court on your behalf. In most cases you won’t ever need to show up to court.

We know how to achieve your goals and would be proud to offer you the exceptional legal representation that you deserve.

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The Law Office of J. Mitchell Padilla is ready to help. Call (928) 212-1421 to schedule your Free Consultation and find out your legal options today.

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Regardless of the charges you face and no matter the nature of your case, you need to speak with someone who has the experience, passion and determination to guide you through these troubling experiences. Time is a crucial matter in strengthening your defense, we encourage you to schedule a Free Case Evaluation as soon as possible.

Allow us the opportunity to explain the charges you face and what we can do to help.


Former Assistant Attorney General

Mr.Padilla represented the State of Arizona for almost 12 years as an Assistant Attorney General. During that time, he looked out for the safety of children and the welfare of families across Northern Arizona. Mr.Padilla promises to bring that same passion and commitment to you as your attorney.

US Navy Veteran

Mitch also served our nation with pride for 22 years and retired as a Chief Petty Officer of the US Navy. Mitch knows what it means to be committed to the protection of our nation.

"Please let me know if you are a Veteran, I would like to thank you for your service." - Mitch Padilla

Experienced Legal Career

  • Management at Pacific Telephone.
  • Pro bono Hearing Examiner & Immigration Attorney 6 years.
  • Northern Arizona Assistant Attorney General for 12 Years.
  • That's 19+ Years of Legal Experience On Your Side!


& Reviews

Relationships and respect. Read what our wonderful clients and awesome associates have to say about us.

J. Mitchell Padilla is a qualified, competent, knowledgeable, and effective attorney who I highly recommend to anyone looking for satisfactory legal representation.  He is a genuine, down-to-earth individual who listens to and assesses the needs of others.  I wholeheartedly recommend Mitch to those looking for an experienced and caring attorney.

Mukai, Fellow Attorney

Very friendly and efficient office. They know the law and are very competent at resolving their clients issues in a short amount of time.

Janette Lee, Satisified Client

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Law Office of J. Mitchell Padilla

Law Office of J. Mitchell Padilla
102 Union St, Prescott, AZ 86303, USA

Committed to Crafting the Best Defense Possible

When faced with a complex law matter, it is extremely important to retain the immediate representation of a trusted attorney. Due to the serious nature of your case, we advise you against navigating through the legal system alone. We know how to achieve your goals and would be proud to offer you the unmatched level of exceptional legal representation that you deserve. We are fully equipped to provide you with the zealous, compassionate, and dedicated legal representation that you need.


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